Direct Message or DM is an integral part of the Twitter experience. If you are on Twitter chances are that you might have sent a DM once or twice and you may have also noticed that its not that easy to delete DMs. Twitter is available across a variety of platforms but if you delete a DM conversation on one platform its likely that it would still be available on another. The microblogging network knows that this is a problem and has promised to fix it in the near future.

Twitter announced via a tweet, naturally, that over the next few weeks it is going to roll out an update which will make it much more consistent to delete DMs across web and mobile. What this means is that hopefully when you delete a DM from mobile it would no longer show up on

Another tweet from the microblogging network’s official support account says that an update for iPhone and Android apps is going to be released soon. The update will bring users’ entire DM history to mobile. This coupled with the improved delete features should make it easier for users to get rid of DM messages that they don’t want sticking around.

I’m sure many Twitter users like me would be glad that this improvement is finally being made, deleting DMs has never been a really consistent experience before.

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