valrtYou can never be too safe these days, but then again, being overly cautious and worrisome about everything all the time is also going to drive you to an early grave. With VSN Mobil’s V.ALRT Personal Alert Device, this tiny, wearable device is capable of work alongside a smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity in order to place urgent calls to one of three pre-configured phone numbers, as well as send out texts and location information with but a single press of a button, now how about that?

I would suppose that you can call the V.ALRT to be your personal Bat signal, although do not expect Batman to come “save” you from a particularly tricky situation, but rather, the local authorities. Designed in a discrete and foolproof form factor, it works even if your smartphone is out of reach, thanks to the Bluetooth connection. A single CR-2032 battery will power the V.ALRT for up to a year before it requires a replacement.

There is also the V.ALRT customizable, simple companion application that will play nice on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems, and is also useful not only on schools and campuses, but it also works great if you love to exercise alone in the great outdoors. With the V.ALRT, at least it gives your family peace of mind knowing that you can summon help should you get into a particularly challenging or difficult situation. It measures 32mm in diameter, is 1cm thin, tips the scales at just 8 grams, and is waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Expect the V.ALRT to retail for $59.99 a pop. [Press Release]

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