voice messaging ios 8Smartwatches are great if you want to check notifications without having to take out your phone. However responding to those notifications could prove tricky, unless you can somehow navigate around a virtual keyboard on such a small screen. That being said, responding to notifications using your voice could be a better solution, and it seems that this could be one of the features of the iWatch.

According to a report from Fortune, it seems that Steven Milunovich, an analyst for UBS, met up with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, whom he reported was particularly enamored by how in the streets of China, there were many users who would rather speak into their phone to send voice messages rather than typing them out. Milunovich then speculates that porting this function to the iWatch makes perfect sense.

After all it would be easier to relay messages from your wrist as opposed to having to fish out your phone from your pocket, right? Also by catering to the current practices of Chinese users might go a long way in aiding penetration into the Chinese market, which Tim Cook admits Apple still has a long way to go.

While Cook did not specifically mention the iWatch, we can only imagine that the voice message update to iOS 8’s Messages app could make its way onto the iWatch, or that it could be a logical move by Apple, but what do you guys think?

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