While we brought you the static look of the official Warcraft movie logo a few days ago, here we are with an animation of how the logo came about, in all of its 10 second glory that you can see above. Those who attended Comic-Con were able to check out both sides of the Warcraft conflict, namely the Alliance and Horde. Apart from that, the Comic-Con attendees, too, could see the respective heroes for individual factions ,and the human Lothar and the orc Durotan would come into prominence.

The Warcraft movie is tipped to hit the movie theaters not too soon – as you will have to wait until 11th of March, 2016, before the silver screens in your city will be graced by more orcs of the non-LotR variety. The movie itself will focus on the conflict that rages between the humans and the orcs, which is more or less the starting point where Blizzard’s Warcraft universe began in the first place. The animated movie logo does not reveal much in the first place, and hopefully something concrete will make its way soon, leaked or otherwise. Hopefully the leaked details will be sharp instead of hiding behind some sort of blurry cam lens.

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