wear awareFor the most part, our smartwatches are required to be tethered to our smartphones via Bluetooth in order to gain functionality, such as notifications of messages, emails, incoming calls, music playback control, and so on. Now it’s hard to forget something strapped to your wrist, but your phone?

Well that can be easily forgotten, either by leaving it on your desk, in your bag, and so on. Now if you had plans for an Android Wear device like the LG G Watch or the Samsung Gear Live, there is an app that you might be interested in getting for it. The app is dubbed Wear Aware and it basically acts as a leash for your smartphone.

Whenever it detects that your phone has gone out of Bluetooth range, it will notify you by causing your smartwatch to begin vibrating and flashing on your wrist, reminding you that you might have forgotten to bring your phone with you. We should note that Wear Aware is not designed to replace Google’s Android Device Manager which is used to locate lost phones.

However for those who are particularly forgetful, perhaps this app could be handy lest you leave behind your smartphone in a public location, or leave your house without it. The app itself is free for download so head on over to the Google Play Store if you’d like to check it out.

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