Android Wear is a new platform for wearable devices that Google has developed from the ground up. A handful of Android Wear smartwatches are already available in the market with more expected in the coming months. Developers are making apps for these devices and one has been particularly popular with Wear users, its a launcher which takes out the pain from launching apps. The one we’re covering now brings the ability to browse the internet to your wrist.

Called Wear Browser, the app does pretty much what the name implies. Its a web browser for Android Wear smartwatches. Now why would anyone want to use a tiny screen on a smartwatch to browse the internet is beyond me, but at least now they’ll have the ability to do so when the urge possesses them.

Since there’s no native keyboard on Android Wear smartwatches, the Wear Browser comes with a companion app that must be installed on a connected Android device. The companion app is used to feed addresses to the smartwatches’ web browser, or users can rely upon bookmarks and voice commands to open pages.

JavaScript works and scrolling isn’t all too bad but since data is passed over Bluetooth it can be pretty slow. Multitouch zoom works as well on Wear Browser. Its available as a free app, and even though its an interesting project from a developer’s point of view, its unlikely that this will bring a revolution in the way we browse the internet.

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