first-opinion“There’s an app for that”, or so the saying goes, and it could not ring any truer for Louisiana resident Andrea Johnson alongside her husband James, as the two of them managed to text message a doctor in order to find out how Andrea was going to deliver their baby right on the spot even when neither of them had any kind of medical training in the past, thanks to the First Opinion app.

Using nothing but just text message instructions from the doctor as to what the couple ought to do in order to deliver their baby boy right there in their own home, this is definitely an interesting step forward where apps could help the layperson in their home in the event where they are unable to reach a hospital or clinic in time, and yet need some sort of medical attention.

The First Opinion app has been touted for its shorter response time, taking an average of 9 minutes for a First Opinion doctor to respond to a particular question – where in stark contrast to that of a doctor’s waiting room, we are looking at somewhere from 20 to 75 minutes. Not only that, there is no message or time limit, so all members are able to text a doctor for free – just fork out $9 each month if you are looking for faster responses.

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