resistance-burning-skiesWhen it comes to modern day consumer electronics, we do seem to hear more and more stories about folks getting injured by an exploding battery, charger or device itself. Perhaps in the past, such news was rare simply because the saturation rate of mobile devices are definitely not at a level of where we are today, but having said that, one might want to temper love for gadgets with some old fashioned common sense. It is rather tragic that Wendy Rybolt of Bartonville, Illinois, managed to escape a fire that consumed her house, but upon realizing that her phone remained inside, she decided to enter the blazing house.

This move of hers caused her death as the deadly smoke overwhelmed her before she could retrieve her phone, and firefighters were unable to do anything about the situation when they arrived at the scene. The police who were there beforehand did make an attempt to rescue Wendy from the licking tongues of fire, but it seemed as though the flames proved too much for them to handle.

While gadgets are important to help us keep in touch with our loved ones near and far away, as well as keep our homes and lives organized, they are replaceable – not so with ones life, so it would be prudent to ensure you are still alive and kicking after a tragedy to save for a new phone.

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