There are countless software enhancements available that aim to make it easier for users to swiftly gain access to their locked devices. You can pick between patterns, PINs and even facial recognition but what if you want a method of unlocking your device that’s even faster? A while back the ability to use digital tattoos for unlocking devices was shown off and Motorola has built up on that. Its 2013 flagship smartphone, the Moto X, can now be unlocked using a digital tattoo.

What’s a digital tattoo you ask? Its a NFC based skin-tag that is made from super-thin and flexible materials. Each digital tattoo is specifically designed to unlock your phone and since its NFC based all you need to do is touch your phone.

The tattoo itself is nickel-sized and uses adhesive to stick to your skin. Motorola has partnered with VivaLnk Inc on this, which claims that the tattoo is good for five days and is designed to soldier through activities like showering, jogging and swimming.

VivaLnk is only selling these tattoos in packs of 10 which costs $10, these should be able to last 50 days. For an entire year’s supply you would have to pay $80. Is it really an expense that you would want to take on? Granted that the average person spends about 2.3 seconds to unlock their phone and does this multiple times a day, its not like that’s too much of an annoying procedure.

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