scrabble-dicEnglish is a language that continually evolves, changing to move with the times. Well, at the very least it is not a ‘dead’ language like Latin, and to see it evolve is always a good sign. After all, with English being the lingua franca of the Internet, it pays dividends to master it – not to mention it is also the language of science and business in many regions around the world. Having said that, serious Scrabble players would have built up quite an arsenal of words over the years, and I am quite sure many of them do study The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary prodigiously just to get an edge over their opponents. To keep up with the times, the 5th edition of the tome has just been announced by Merriam-Webster, where it will now arrive with another 5,000 more words to remember.

The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary 5th Edition will be officially sanctioned when the 1st of December rolls around, and it could not be any more timely for the holiday season since this is the first major update of its kind in close to 10 years. In fact, a slew of new words that make up part of the 5,000 strong addition include those that we are already familiar with, having made the jump from the entertainment and pop culture avenues to the mainstream.

These include beatbox, chillax, frenemy, hashtag, joypad, mixtape, mojito, selfie, sudoku, texter, vodcast, and vlog, among others. Just for some trivia’s sake, the word that has the highest-scoring possibility would be QUINZHEE, where it will net you a maximum point value of 401 points if all goes well.

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