8bit-babyFor those of you who grew up on a steady diet of video games, just how many of the tunes of the classic titles do you remember that you would love to impart to your next generation, so that they too, are able to continue the “good fight”, so to speak? Well, perhaps you can start them young with this particular album of lullabies, made possible courtesy of brothers Mark and Dan Polydoris who will allow those tunes to keep baby entertained, and who knows, ingrained with such classic tunes for video game enthusiasts so that they will be able to grow up to be the next generation of joystick warriors.

8-Bit Baby happens to be an eight-track album which will include instrumental lullabies of themes from the likes of Contra, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Metroid, among others. The whole idea for 8-Bit Baby came about as a creation when an uncle wanted to gift his nephew something at a baby shower.

The search for a cool lullaby album led to the realization that there were no such albums in the market that were based on classic video game music, and taking the situation by the horns, it made perfect sense to come up with a DIY version. Those who are interested can fork out $7.92 for the album over on iTunes.

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