accessory-appsLike clockwork, the folks over at Microsoft started to roll out the update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1, and of course, with this particular update, along with it comes additional information concerning upcoming plans that Microsoft has where device support is concerned. Within the settings app on Windows Phone, one would be able to check out a brand new area that is called ‘Accessory Apps’. Just what might that be, hmmm?

Considering how wearable technology like smartwatches are getting more and more popular right now, and it looks to be in the ascendant in the near future, chances are these ‘Accessory Apps’ could very well cater to such devices like smartwatches.

The area happens to be for turning off and on notifications when it comes to any accessory companion apps. As long as one turns on the notifications, companion apps such as these will be able to receive various information, including caller ID and text messages. Should those who wish to venture further into the app, you will be blocked as long as your user ID remains unlisted on the Microsoft approved list.

Features in the accessory apps comprise of the ability to pick up incoming phone calls, to accept video calls, as well as make the necessary rejection – where all of them were unavailable in the previous build, which goes to show that Microsoft is forward looking enough to take smartwatches into consideration.

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