alliance chopperA few days ago, we reported that Blizzard had announced that they would be bringing the Alliance chopper from their Azeroth Chopper series to the game. This is good news for Alliance players because during the voting process, it was found that the Horde had won, so now it looks like both factions will have badass choppers to ride around in the game.

However the bad news is that the Horde’s chopper is free for gamers and can only be ridden by Horde players. As for the Alliance chopper, Blizzard revealed that it would cost a lot of gold, but how much? Well in the latest beta build, Paul of Old Town Choppers was revealed to have a new item that costs a whopping 100,000 gold.

When asked if there was any way to lower the price, like perhaps by gaining high reputation with the faction, Blizzard’s Jonathan LeCraft revealed that nope, there will not be any rep discount. This is bad news for Alliance players who have had their eye on the mount. While we’re sure there are probably many World of Warcraft players sitting on millions of gold, there are some who might find farming for 100,000 gold a bit daunting.

Perhaps Blizzard might lower the price upon the release of Warlords of Draenor, but for now if you’re an Alliance player, perhaps it’s time to start saving for it!

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