video-game-hourAn apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so the saying goes. Well, I am quite sure that parents of children today would surely know about the “scourge” that is better referred to as video games. While there is the perception that playing video games can be bad for children, especially when our little ones remain glued to the screen for hours on end during a perfectly nice summer day, the opposite might prove to be true, thanks to a peer-reviewed research.


This particular study was conducted by none other than the highly reputable Oxford University, where the results were published in the medical journal Pediatrics. Having tested close to 5,000 children, the study then compared those who did not play a single minute of video games compared to those who played some, in varying amounts, throughout the day. B

Apparently, children who played video games for up to an hour each day was seen to reap the most benefits, as these young personalities were associated with being better adjusted compared to those who have never played a single minute. In fact, those who played for less than an hour on the clock were found to have the highest levels of sociability, not to mention having the highest chance of saying that they were extremely satisfied with their lives, in addition to having less friendship and emotional problems.

So, what will it be for your child this Christmas? The Xbox One or the PS4?

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