angry-faceJohn Carmack, the legendary creator of Doom, would definitely be proud to see his 9-year old son, Ryan Carmack, roll out his very first video game that is known as Angry Face. Apart from being id Software’s co-founder as well as Oculus VR chief technology officer, John Carmack and Ryan studied the Unity engine together before Ryan came up with the concept for Angry Face.

Ryan Carmack explained that Angry Face was developed in Unity in C#, with John weighing in on some bit, while Ryan’s 4-year old brother was roped in for sound design and testing. Ryan claims that Angry Face is his own interpretation of Pong, and he has every intention to roll out additional games in the future.

He also hopes that the masses will warm up to his effort, although Ryan’s grandma found the game to be too fast, which was why there is a grandma mode thrown into the mix to slow things down, while a pro mode is there for folks who would want it to be faster. Angry Face will run on a PC, Mac or laptop, and there does not seem to be a smartphone or tablet version in the pipeline. Have you given Angry Face a go?

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