iphone6renderWhen it comes to a smartphone like the iPhone 6 (or whatever it is going to be called when it is finally announced next month according to various sources), you know for sure that the hype is unbelievable prior to an official announcement. We have seen our fair amounts of leaks of the iPhone 6, but this has not stemmed the tide, and one of the most recent ones could also end up to be one of the more interesting ones. This particular leak points to allegedly authentic data sheets that sport the Foxconn logo, showing off the design and dimensions of the 4.7” and 5.5” iPhone models.


Granted, the leaked sheets do mention that what is shown is but a prototype, and since September 9 is right around the corner, one cannot really make any last minute changes, so what we have here ought to be pretty darn close to the real deal when it finally arrives.

The N51 does share rather similar specifications with that of the outgoing iPhone 5s, where it measures 4.87” x 2.31” x 0.3”, tipping the scales at 112 grams. As for the N61, it will be the 4.7” model as it measures 5.44” x 2.64” x 0.27”, although the weight remains unknown. Last but not least would be the N56, which will carry a 5.5” display, and the second prototype measures 6.22” x 3.06” x 0.27” while weighing 184.6 grams. Could all of these be an elaborate red herring by Apple? Only time will tell.

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326 PPI
~$285 - Amazon
8 MP
F2.2 Aperture F-Stop
129 g
1810 mAh
Launched in
A8 + None
Storage (GB)
16, 64, 128
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