ipad-mini-retina-review-appstoreDo you think that the folks over at Apple are tootin’ their very own trumpet? After all, the Cupertino-based company has claimed today that they have actually contributed a whopping 629,000 developer jobs across the pond – that is, in Europe, with plenty of focus being on what some have dubbed as the “app economy”. Apparently, slightly less than half a million jobs, or 497,000 to be exact, might actually be attributed all to the Apple App Store itself, while another 132,000 positions have come into existence courtesy of Apple’s support. As for the remaining 16,000 folks living in Europe from 19 different countries, they happen to be employed directly by Apple.

Apart from that, it seems that the growth of Apple over in Europe has also seen the creation of another 116,000 jobs. Not only that, Apple has laid claim that Europe-based developers will contribute a whopping $6.5 billion from the $20 billion earnings on a global basis. This is definitely an impressive achievement by far and large, and it look as though Apple might end up as one of the major contributors to the local economy in due time.

Apple mentioned, “This job growth for coders, developers, entrepreneurs, and others would not have existed without Apple’s innovation and technology. We also provide app developers with the tools and distribution they need to bring their best ideas to hundreds of millions of iOS customers worldwide through the incredible App Store.”

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