simplicamHere we are with word that ArcSoft’s simplicam is now available, being the first and only connected home monitoring solution with Face Detection capability to help provide you with that added peace of mind. The simplicam is powered by Closeli, where users are now able to be on the receiving end of notifications whenever someone is in their home, instead of being alerted with false calls whenever the resident pet cat makes its way across the hallway, or a rather strong wind blows the tree branch to wave wildly in the yard. It does not matter if you are a parent, pet owner, caretaker or homeowner, you will be able to keep an eye on what is closest to your heart even when you are far away from home.

All live viewing or recorded video can be access straight from a smartphone, tablet or computer, as long as there is a decent Internet connection in place. The simplicam that is powered by Closeli will take as little as three minutes to set up on a smartphone, where users can then check out live, 720p HD video and motion/sound notifications thanks to the free Closeli app on their mobile devices. With Premium Closeli Recording Services thrown into the mix, users can enjoy enhanced features in the vein of recording in the cloud, easy editing and sharing options and unique Face Detection technology. All video will be SSL encrypted for that added peace of mind, and you can keep this $149..99 device accompanied by Closeli Recording Plans which range from $4.99 monthly all the way to $22.99 monthly, depending on the number of days that you would like to record.

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