DIY enthusiasts who also wear the hat of being a father, perhaps it is time to have your ego challenged. Or tickled, depending on which end of the awesome scale that you reside on. Basically, Jeff Highsmith, has raised the bar so high, average DIY fathers worldwide would see it as a virtually impossible wall to scale, no thanks to the Project Apollo-themed playroom that Highsmith built for his children. So much for that treehouse project at the back of your yard!

The playsets that Highsmith has concocted come across as amazingly detailed, where it will even be made up of a command module and Mission Control that are located in separate rooms. These two will be connected by intercom, with a push-to-talk button to boot that adds to the overall depth of realism. Pressing this button would play back the signature beeps which signal radio communications from the moon missions.

Not only that, the status panel will light up accordingly and not at random, where windows marked “thrust” or “main chute” will appear in red or green. A high powered bass speaker would provide the relevant “shakes” from under the bed, which is spot on as those are where the “rocket engines” are located.

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