bing-koreaFor those of you who happen to reside in Korea, or at the very least have the intention of actually making your way there some time down the road, Microsoft’s Bing Maps intends to be part of your adventure by offering both maps and navigation solutions. In fact, Bing Maps have actually announced that they have performed a major revamp of its Korean maps experience, which should bring about a smile on the faces of Bing fans. Most of the work has been deployed in stages over the past one and a half years, but today marks the crescendo of all that has happened.

Basically, if you were to actually navigate to Seoul, South Korea, in October 2012, your eyes would be greeted by a pretty sparse area in Bing Maps. However, head over to the same point today in Bing Maps, and there is a whole lot more detail thrown into the mix. In fact, the new maps will comprise of road, hybrid aerial and high contrast data, and is also available on the Bing Maps app for Windows as well as the Bing Maps Preview (3D) app for Windows, apart from the Web, of course. Do you like what you have seen so far, and do you think that Bing Maps is slowly but surely making itself a decent alternative to Google Maps? [Press Release]

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