BlackBerry is gearing up to launch its all new high-end smartphone called the BlackBerry Passport. The device has already generated a lot of buzz in the media thanks to its unique features and unconventional design. The company’s fans can no doubt wait to get their hands on it and they can find solace in the fact that the device has now made it through its customary FCC stop.

Even though the FCC hasn’t released the Passport’s internal and external photos due to a confidentiality agreement, a sketch and a label is all one needs to know that this is indeed the Passport. It does give away all of the bands supported by the Passport and it looks like there’s support for almost all major North American carriers.

However that doesn’t mean all major carriers are going to sell the Passport. BlackBerry’s smartphones don’t exactly sell like hot cakes these days so carriers have to weigh their options. We’ll only know who gave BlackBerry another chance once the Passport launches.

It is interesting to note in this FCC document that the confidentiality agreement ends on September 12th, 2014. Once it ends the FCC can release the device’s images. BlackBerry has already said that its going to formally announced the Passport next month and this makes it seem like the launch is on track for now.

The company itself has released multiple photos of the BlackBerry Passport and has even detailed some of its new and unique features.

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