BlackBerry-LogoWhen it comes to BlackBerry, the outlook by many people is a negative one. The company has undergone several changes in CEOs until they landed on John Chen, and safe to say that the company is still struggling somewhat. In fact recently they have lost themselves a customer in Ford who revealed that they were planning to ditch BlackBerry phones for iPhones.

That being said, BlackBerry has recently appointed themselves a new COO in the form of Marty Beard and according to a recent Q&A he had with The Wall Street Journal, he seems optimistic about BlackBerry’s future and stated that they are going to prove a lot of people wrong. According to Beard, he believes that where BlackBerry is right now, there’s no place to go but up.

According to Beard, “So there is risk in transforming yourself, but there is also a huge opportunity in the direction we’re going. I love when people think something is done or that you’ve lost A, B, or C. I’m very competitive so I love that challenge. I think that we’re going to prove a lot of people wrong.”

When asked about his thoughts on the Apple-IBM partnership, he stated that this only proves the importance of enterprise mobility, and despite Apple’s size, even if they are successful they won’t be able to conquer the entire market, meaning that there is still plenty of opportunities for BlackBerry. We can appreciate his positive outlook, but what do you guys think? Could we see BlackBerry rebound in the next year or so?

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