bmw-fast-chargerWhen it comes to electric cars, there is one major drawback no matter how sleek and powerful it looks like – their limited range. It might look fast, and accelerate as though the devil is on your tail, but when there is no more juice left in the batteries, it is as good for nothing as the next junk. Tesla has already begun work on a huge network of “Superchargerstations (that come with solar panels to boot) in order for electric vehicles of the Tesla variety to indulge in really long road trips. BMW does not want to be left behind which is why they too, are launching a network of charging stations that will allows the i3, its first all-electric car, to work in a more convenient manner.

This charger will be small, lightweight, and inexpensive, and will be installed around the country in due time. BMW intends to sell the charger to “authorized partners”, and dealers will be part of this group where they will have to fork out $6,548 for a single charger. NRG eVgo, a private EV-charging company, hopes to eventually install a minimum of a century of these chargers, so that BMW i3 owners will be able to enjoy free charging until the end of next year.

Known as the 24 kilowatt BMW i DC Fast Charger, it was developed alongside Bosch Automotive, boasting of the ability to juice up the i3’s battery up to 80% in just half an hour, which is mighty impressive. Imagine dropping by a shopping mall, you get to juice up your car while getting the week’s groceries done.

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