china-subIt looks like China is not only content on coming up with their very own version of a desktop operating system, but the country is also looking to deliver what they call a ‘supersonic submarine’, where this mode of transportation will make use of an underwater bubble in order to travel a whole lot faster while it is under water. Just how much faster? Think supersonic speeds, and you have a general idea on the situation.

Apparently, such submarines in the future will work within a ‘bubble’ so that the total amount of drag can be reduced. In other words, this would enable it to achieve supersonic speeds, and if such a technique can be perfected to expand its area of application, then we could see the development of superfast swimsuits as well.

This new submarine will be based on Soviet technology that has been developed during the Cold War. Known as supercavitation, the idea would see a submerged vessel remain enveloped within an air bubble, hence doing away with the issue of water drag. In fact, a Soviet supercavitation torpedo known as Shakval managed to hit a speed of at least 370km/h, making it a whole lot faster than other conventional torpedoes. Theoretically speaking, a supercavitating vessel is able to hit speeds of 5,800km/h, meaning folks can travel from one continent to another in an hour, while a transpacific journey might be reduced to just 100 minutes, now how about that?

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