corvetteFancy picking up a new ride to spend your bonus later this year? If you have answered in the affirmative, then surely you would want to check out the 2015 Corvette that is due to be released later this coming September, where it comes with a feature that is capable of recording exactly where your ride goes, thanks to a camera that has been mounted in the windshield trim.


It makes perfect sense actually, as anyone who owns a luxury or sports car can attest to. If you decide to pass your keys over to the valet because you do not have that much time left to search for a parking spot with the event in question kicking off in just 5 minutes’ time, then be prepared (in the past, at least) for the valet to gleefully accept your keys, and who knows? Perhaps he might even take your car out for a little joyride.

General Motors understands this concern of their car owners, and will offer an option on the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette that ensures such worries are no longer a thing to think about. With the camera mounted in the windshield trim, it will be able to capture audio in the cabin, in addition to speed, engine revolutions per minute, gear position and G-force. All of these will ensure the vehicle will know for sure if a valet does not send your car straight to the parking lot.

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