bb-typoBlackBerry and Typo aren’t exactly the best of friends. When Typo released their keyboard accessory for the iPhone, it was hard not to draw comparisons between their design and the design that BlackBerry tends to favor with its own keyboard design, which led to the latter company suing Typo for allegedly infringing upon BlackBerry’s design.

Well according to new reports, BlackBerry had recently went back to the original judge in the case and asked him to uphold the original preliminary injunction against the sales of its accessories, which apparently covers not only the original Typo keyboard, but future versions as well which includes the recently launched Typo 2.

Apparently Typo had continued to sell the accessory despite the injunction, although Typo argues that the accessory was sold and delivered to markets outside of the US. The judge has also refuted Typo’s claims that by introducing a new keyboard with a new design doesn’t necessarily offer grounds to lift the preliminary injunction.

The judge appears to side with BlackBerry when he added that “BlackBerry has raised significant questions suggesting that Typo’s sales to foreign retailers after the injunction went into effect…violated the preliminary injunction.” In any case it does not look like the whole BlackBerry versus Typo case will be ending anytime soon, but what do you guys think? Will BlackBerry emerge the clear victor at the end?

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