Many Android fans appreciate the platform because of the customization options it offers. Its relatively easy to flash a custom Android ROM on a smartphone or tablet to completely change the software experience on that particular device. This is why many developers build custom ROMs, one of the most popular ROMs for Android come from team CyanogenMod. Their latest nightly releases have a new feature: call recording.

There are already a handful of solutions available for Android users if they want to record their calls, including third party applications. Google’s firmware doesn’t have this feature by default. CyanogenMod has integrated it right in the phone application so recording voice calls simply requires tapping a button.

However there is a small caveat. The call recording feature isn’t enabled by default in CyanogenMod 11 nightly builds, so those who want to use if after flashing the custom ROM will need to manually activate it.

Since there are different laws around the world that deal with call recording the CyanogenMod team isn’t enabling the feature by default. One can either build it from source and fire it up through system property persist.call_recording.enabled or they can use an Xposed module to get the feature up and running.

Those who have enabled call recording on their CM11 nightly powered Android smartphones say that the recording quality is nothing to write home about. No word as yet if the CM team is going to improve it in future releases, but it should get other developers interested.

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