destiny-ghost-edition-priceWhen it comes to buying and selling things, it can be said to be some sort of art – there must be willing parties on both sides in order to arrive at an optimal price point, and most of the time, whenever there is high demand and low supply, the price of said object would inflate to some really crazy levels. Having said that, we did reveal that there will be limited and Ghost editions of Destiny, and apparently the game sold out like hot cakes, and those who missed the bandwagon at the beginning are now willing (or desperate, depending on how you look at it) to fork out hundreds of dollars online for the Ghost edition.

Taking a quick look on the completed listings on eBay, it seems that there are some folks who are more than willing to part with a whopping $600 for a copy of the game, which is four times more than the original $149.99 price tag. Do you think that it is worth all of that money right now, or is this another start of an electronic tulip bidding war?

For $600 at this point in time, you will end up with a limited edition SteelBook Case and Game Disc, a Guardian Folio that comprises of an Arms & Armament Field Guide, postcards from the Golden Age, and an antique Star Chart. While those who decide to pick up the Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack, it will feature a unique Ghost Casing, an exclusive Player Emblem, and an exclusive Player Ship Variant, alongside the Destiny Expansion Pass.

As for the Ghost Edition, it is highly sought after as the Ghost replica will boast of motion-activated lights and voice recordings from award-winning actor Peter Dinklage, who happens to voice the Ghost character, a Letter of Introduction, and Golden Age Relics.

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