auction-house-updateIf there is a possibility of “playing” or “gaming” the system, I am quite sure that there will be minds out there who would go for it, and take the corresponding risk along the way. Having said that, while Diablo 3’s Auction House has now been shut down for good since the end of June, here we are with an anecdote on how a Bulgarian gamer who prefers to be known as Cherokee Brook managed to make more than €100,000 last year.

Basically, Brook bares all in this rather lengthy read, as he shares with the world regarding his experience on being a player who enjoyed the game before realizing that there is every chance of being a botter, as he subsequently picked up the necessary programming skills as well as gaming the economic systems, all the while building on a free bot that was distributed by a friend.

Since most gamers would want rare items to be part of their arsenal, Brook’s bot will then go to work to purchase gear that has been deemed to be sold under value, before selling it off to the highest bidder afterwards so that he can earn a tidy profit. It was his intricate knowledge of the game and its workings, not to mention human psychology playing a part, that allowed him to use the bot so effectively, eventually expanding his “operations” by purchasing more powerful computers that will be able to run multiple searches quickly across many Diablo 3 accounts.

He also shared, “It turns out that in a game like Diablo 3 that has millions of players in each region (Europe, Americas and Asia) there are so many players that have no idea what they’re doing that good and expensive items are being put for sale on the Auction House for ridiculous prices all the time. In fact, even mind-bogglingly dumb trades are not uncommon when you have a sample size of millions. It seems that most players in Diablo 3 just had no idea what they were doing when it came to item trading and the Auction House.”

Right at the very top of his game, Brook pocketed a handsome €370 on average each day, now how about that? Eventually, making money this way became more challenging and the Diablo 3 economy was ruined, and Brook claims that the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of farmings botters who caused the steep inflation, and not botters like him. What do you think?

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