As drone and quadcopters become cheaper and therefore more accessible to the average joe we are bound to hear about these gadgets landing someone in hot water. For example taking your drone out for a spin near the White House in Washington is probably not going to be a good idea, which is why folks who use them should pay attention to the rules and regulations some places have enforced regarding drone usage.

They’re banned by the National Park Service yet the blanket ban has done little to deter folks trying to get spectacular shots of some of the country’s prized parks. A tourist who wanted to take some great pictures of the mighty Yellowstone National Park though it best to bring out his drone despite the ban but ended up crashing it in the park’s largest hot spring.

A park official said that the camera equipped drone crashed into Yellowstone National Park’s largest hot spring and may have possibly damaged the park’s prized geothermal attraction. Officials are now pondering over whether they should recover the drone from the Grand Prismatic Spring which is over 120 feet deep and 370 feet in diameter.

It goes without saying that a recovery mission for the drone could post its own potentially damaging risks to Grand Prismatic, which also happens to be the third largest hot spring in the world.

Incidents like these aren’t likely to win drone enthusiasts any favor with the Park Service. Sure drones are an easy way to capturing the beauty of these natural treasures but they just might end up damaging them.

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