drone-vertisingDo you think that the world has more than enough advertisements channeled through various aspects of life? Take the normal trip from your home to work – there are ads on the radio, ads in your email inbox, ads along the way in the subway and on the train itself, billboards that tell you which is the “in” fashion items to wear this season, the list goes on and on. Is there no end to advertising? This is one platform that looks set to take advantage of all technological innovations, and drones do not seem to be immune to such an effect, too.

In fact, the very concept of “drone-vertising” might just take off (pardon the pun) in a big way in the future, at least this is what Moscow-based agency Hungry Boys believes. In fact, Hungry Boys has toyed with the idea of raising the public’s awareness concerning a local restaurant chain through the dispatching of drones. These drones will carry promotional signage, and as they go about office windows and along sidewalks, it will definitely cause office workers to stop whatever they are doing and check out what is being advertised.

If drones were to gain a far larger increase in battery life, perhaps it might be a doable idea in the long run, but for now, it looks like a very expensive way of advertising your wares/services. Not to mention there will come a time when the wow factor of seeing a drone fly by will be similar to that of driving past numerous billboards without realizing what is placed up in the first place.

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