elebannerWhen it comes to wearable technology, surely two particular fields stand out in most peoples’ minds – the smart glasses as well as the smart watch. How about a wearable LED bracelet? This is what the Elemoon is all about, which is a Kickstarter project that has already raced past half the intended $100,000 goal, and looks set to be on course for production if all goes well. Just what is the Elemoon all about?

For starters, the Elemoon is a special kind of smart bracelet that comes with a grid of multicolor LEDs located on top of it. It will connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth, and will have three primary functions – to show off notifications through custom icons on its LED “face”, helping you locate your handset, and to match the color palette of your current outfit. The last bit is made possible by snapping a photo of your clothes with your handset, and you’re good to go.

Expect the Elemoon bracelet to arrive in a couple of models, where one of them sports a gold-plated base, while the other would be covered in silver. It might look rather feminine at first, but fret not, the creator claims that there is a male-oriented version in the pipeline.

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