evermindGetting the proper medical help and assistance can prove to be time consuming, not to mention expensive, in the long run, especially when a caregiver is concerned. Still, there are times in life when one is unable to move away from a current situation and drop everything within a moment’s notice just to attend a medical condition of a relative, and yet it also causes one to worry unnecessarily about the relative’s condition from afar. With the Evermind, perhaps it might be able to help you sleep better at night.


The Evermind was launched not too long ago by an entrepreneur from Nashville, Dave Gilbert. Evermind happens to be a smart system which will let you keep tabs on a vulnerable relative remotely. The idea behind Evermind is to make use of this device so that you can lead a more normal life, instead of keep on returning to the relative or friend’s house. In other words, you will only take action when you need to – otherwise, it would bode you well to just continue living your life.

Using it is a snap, just plug the sensor into your relative’s AC outlet, as well as the appliances that they use all the time into it. This means whenever a particular device is turned on, you will receive a text message on your smartphone that some activity is happening. The Evermind system has been priced at $199 a pop, while the monitoring system will cost you $29 each month. Surely this solution is cheaper than a remote monitoring robot?

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