eyenaemiaSo, you have a great interest in snapping selfies from time to time in order to make sure that your Facebook profile remains on the cutting edge – at least in terms of your many faces. Taking the saying that “there’s an app” to a whole new level, it seems that the Eyenaemia smartphone app could very well come in handy the next time you shoot a selfie with that high end smartphone of yours, as this particular app has the ability to diagnose a case of anemia – directly from a selfie itself, now how about that?

Of course, assuming the Eyenaemia app actually arrives at a conclusion that points to a positive case of anemia, it is always better to step up and go to the nearest doctor or medical lab in order to confirm or debunk the app’s diagnosis. How does the Eyenaemia app work? Well, the traditional method would be to examine the patient’s skin hue, as well as check out traditional areas that ought to look red normally, such as the gum area, around fingernails, and under the eyelids.

This particular app will be accompanied by a color card which will function as a calibration tool. All that you need to do is to pull back your eyelid, place this color card under the eye, and snap a selfie. The app then analyzes the conjunctiva before its algorithms allow it to arrive at a prediction, letting you continue from there as to seek further professional help or not.

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