freakboxJust how much more room does your living room has when it comes to entertainment devices? It already has a spanking new flat screen TV, not to mention the relevant Blu-ray player, a booming sound system, and of course, the all important video game console. If there is enough space for one more “resident”, so to speak, perhaps you might want to check out the Freakbox.

The Freakbox comes across as a tiny box which can be plugged into a TV, where you can then run Android apps right there and then, utilizing large screen goodness. What makes the Freakbox different from the rest of the market then, considering how there are literally a dozen other similarly functioning models out there? Well, Freakbox will run on software that has been developed by several of the lead developers who hail from the FreakTab community.

Basically, you no longer need to purchase an Android TV box, follow up by rooting it and having a custom ROM installed, so that FreakTab software will run on it. With the Freakbox, you can get started right out of the box, as it ships with FreakTab firmware alongside Android. There are also plans to support Linux some time down the road, and the Freakbox is now available for pre-order at €77 a pop. [Product Page]

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