fuhuWhen it comes to tablets, it does look as though the market has gotten a whole lot more crowded than ever before, but this has not stopped some of the smaller players from joining in the fray. Take Fuhu for instance – being an El Segundo company, Fuhu has set the goal of selling up to half a million units of its Big Tab HD tablets, where these tablets come with mammoth sized displays which measure anywhere from 20” to 24”. In fact, it seems that their latest Big Tab HD tablet will hopefully make it the center of attention in families, as everyone moves from their respective tiny display to a large one.

It is an effort to create some quality family time together, bonding everyone around a single screen. Fuhu also claimed that they intend to extend their range of educational apps as well as tablets to other group settings. Fuhu founder and president Robb Fujioka shared, “The technology right now, it’s isolating. We’re trying to find a product that enhances collaboration and socialization.” I wholeheartedly agree.

Expect to see the Nabi Big Tab HD tablets arrive on sale this fall for $449 and $549, where the more expensive one would be the larger sized model. Would families choose either one over a new generation console like the Xbox One or Sony PS4? Only time will be able to tell.

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