Game Of Thrones iPhone Case Puts The Iron Throne In Your Hand


These days you might be ostracized for not knowing about Game of Thrones, the HBO series that is adapted from A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels. It has truly achieved global popularity and now people are having GoT themed birthday parties and weddings, going crazy for merchandise and basically obsessing over anything related to the series. This handmade Game of Thrones iPhone case might interest you particularly if you’ve fantasized about taking the Iron Throne for yourself.

Granted that its nowhere near as grand as the Iron Throne in Kings Landing, but iPhone owners might gladly make do with this fun-sized version of the throne. Though you might find it a bit hard to squeeze it in the pocket of your tight jeans.

The handmade case is being sold by Etsy seller TheCommonRoom and will fit an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Costing $24.99, its more form than function really. Not only will it be particularly hard to carry the iPhone around with this case in a pocket, you also run the risk of poking yourself accidently, and that won’t be good.

Nonetheless it will definitely be a great icebreaker and may even bring you looks of appreciation from fellow Game of Thrones fans. Get one here.

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