gmail-nativeSoftware ought to get updated from time to time in order to remain relevant to the current situation, and Google’s Gmail is no exception. Do you still remember the early days of Gmail that wowed the masses due to the amount of storage space offered in the inbox? Well, it has since grown to be a whole lot larger, and the most recent update would enable Gmail to recognize email addresses that contain non-Latin alphabet.


While majority of the email services out there do require users to make use of non-accented characters which hail from the Latin alphabet when it comes to an individual’s email address, this is no longer the case for Gmail. Other than Gmail being able to recognize email addresses which hold non-Latin alphabets within, it does look as though Google Calendar, too, will follow suit in due time.

Not only that, the future will also see Gmail open the doors for users to come up with their very own non-Latin accounts which they are able to make use of. This is made possible courtesy of the efforts by the folks over at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), so all that is required now would be for all individual email services to support this new standard on an official basis, just like Google. [Press Release]

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