google-bargeRemember the Google Barge project? Having arrived at Stockton in March earlier this year, it looks as though the whole idea surrounding Google Barge is dead int the water (pun intended ), before it was even able to go ahead with full steam. The floating showroom of Google has just received a cease and desist instruction from headquarters, and there has been no development concerning Google Barge ever since it was relocated from the San Francisco Bay to Stockton.

It seems that Google’s second barge that is located in Portland harbor, has now arrived at the end of its journey with Google. Originally the Google Barge was an idea that will see both vessels deliver “an interactive space where people can learn about new technology”. Upon completion, the Portland barge was meant to be sent over to New York in order to function as a floating showroom of sorts for the latest technological advances from Google, and Google Glass would be one of them.

Considering where Google is with both vessels at the moment, there is not much hope at all of any kind of “resurrection”. The structure of shipping containers located on top of the vessel that were arranged in such a way to make it look like that of a multi-story building, will now go through a dismantling process before being scrapped. As for the barge itself, an ‘international barging company’ has already picked it up, and once it is fully seaworthy and operational, it will depart Portland for its latest home.

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