While Google’s wearable device is available for purchase now it is still far too expensive for the average consumer. Nevertheless there’s a community of Glass owners that wait on the company to improve its software and features. A new update has been released for Google Glass which brings a couple of new features for the wearable device. The aim here is to improve the overall user experience for those who have shelled out $1,500 for a unit.

With this update Google Glass now has full support for Google Contacts. Now when a Glass user taps on one of their contacts they will be able to choose between contacting them via SMS, email or Hangouts. The entire phone address book will be available on the wearable device. 20 of the most recent and starred contacts can be accessed by voice while the others can simply be accessed by swiping through the entire list of contacts.

Glass also receives some new voice commands such as “mute my microphone” and “play video,” thus reducing the number of times a user has to raise his or her hand to get something done on Glass. It will display nearby events now such as concerts and a currency converter has been added in Google Now, which will come in handy when users are traveling.

The update also enables users to switch off Google Glass with a simple nudge of the head, this feature has to be enabled first. This Glass update is rolling out immediately for those using it with an Android device, users with the MyGlass app on iOS will have to wait for a couple of days.

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