google-hands-freeIn June this year, it was reported that Google might actually be working on KITT, which is an alleged hands-free car functionality that will cater to Android users. This particular program has been touted to have been developed specifically so that drivers are able to interact with their Android-powered device without being distracted from what is going on in front of them on the road. Needless to say, achieving this would require one to take voice commands, in addition t reading aloud notifications, while showing off large and readable icons on a black background.

The KITT project does seem to be the real deal, and it has been rumored to actually be closer to release than what most people might think. In fact, Android Police claims that they have discovered a card that bears the same name on a regular Android device, although it does not do anything when pressed.

Apparently, you are able to hunt it down in your regular Android-powered smartphone as long as you type “hands free” in the Google Search app, although chances are your device will need to run on Android 4.1 or newer. Apparently, a “g” symbol will appear in the phone’s status bar but for a while once the card is tapped, before it performs a disappearance act. Others have given it a go but did not find anything, so it might have been removed by Google, or simply limited to a particular region. We’ll file this under rumors for now.

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