glass patentIt’s pretty easy to spot someone wearing Google Glass because of the way it has been designed, it makes it pretty obvious that the wearer isn’t wearing a regular pair of glasses. This can be detrimental to the wearer if they were to encounter hostility from others who might not appreciate the technology due to privacy concerns.

It is also not very discreet, but could Google be planning a version of Google Glass that looks more like a regular pair of glasses? Well according to a recent patent filing, the answer is yes. Based on the patent, it certainly does sound like Google could have considered creating a pair of Google Glass that looks like a normal pair of glasses.

The project and prism portion of Google Glass is still on the outside, although in this case it has been moved to the inner part of the glasses so that it isn’t as obvious to outsiders unless they look really hard. Other than that, on the surface it really does look like a pair of glasses that no one would think twice about.

Of course it remains to be seen if Google will actually take this patent and make it a reality, but what do you guys think? Is this a Google Glass design that Google should seriously consider releasing in the future?

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