jetpac-googleCompanies that have grown large over the years, having amassed a whole lot of money (although in principle, a huge bulk of those remain on paper) have also managed to acquire other smaller companies and start-ups along the way. The reason behind such thinking? It might be more affordable to purchase what is already there and improve on it, compared to starting from scratch, not to mention having to navigate through a minefield of potential lawsuits and the ilk where patents and copyright issues are concerned. Well, Google has been reported to have picked up Jetpac, which is an application that was allegedly exclusive to iOS – that is, Google’s Android rival.


It seems that the city guide application is no longer available on the App Store, which could be a strategic move that will be able to gain a slight advantage in the mobile device arena between Android and iOS.

Jetpac City Guides happens to be a popular app which is capable of analyzing photos that are gathered by Instagram, in order to generate city maps or guides. This company is based in San Francisco, where they will then use such information and make it available to the public for their use. Jetpac’s services will be discontinued from this September onward, so do take note of it. As to what plans Google has for Jetpac down the road, that remains to be seen.

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