google-sharkSharks – the image of these majestic sea creatures do evoke a sense of fear in some, especially for those who are still scarred by their “Jaws” movie experience. Having said that, we have hunted many shark species close to extinction, and mosquitoes kill humans a whole lot more than sharks each year. If anything, these hunters of the sea prefer to shun the presence of humans and live their lives undisturbed. Having said that, some sharks do find undersea cables something that they would like to grab a chunk of, which is why Google has spent a fair amount of money to make sure that their huge network of undersea fiber cables remain free from shark harassment.

Network World reported that Dan Belcher, a product manager on the Google cloud team, did share that Google actually took steps to protect their trans-Pacific fiber cables in kevlar, in an effort to ensure that they remain shark-proof all the way. No idea on how much this will cost, but the final bill ought to add up to a rather significant amount considering how Kevlar is not something you can just purchase on the cheap, in addition to the thousands of miles of underwater cables that are under Google’s care.

What is it that drives the appetite of sharks to Google’s fiber cables? It remains to be determined, but one theory points to how these cables emit electric fields that fool the sharks into thinking that they are actually homing in on distressed fish. Perhaps installing this anti-shark device might help?

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