adm callbackFor those who are unfamiliar, Google has a web app called Android Device Manager. In some ways it is like Apple’s iCloud website where users will be able to locate their device from the website directly. Now previously through the web app, users would only be able to add a custom message in the event they lost their phone.

For example you could add, “Please return this to <address>” or “Call <number>” and hope that whoever found your phone was honest enough to do that for you. However with the new update to the Android Device Manager app, it has added a callback feature that makes it easier for the person who found your phone to get in touch with you just by tapping the button.

This feature can be activated on both the web and Android app version of the Android Device Manager, as you can see in the screenshot above. However like we said, this really boils down to the honesty of the person who found your device. Of course you could always use their location to call the authorities, but hopefully it won’t have to come to that.

Other features of the Android Device Manager includes the ability to ring your phone so that you can find it in the event you’ve misplaced it at home or if it is lying under a pile of clothes. Users will also be able to remotely lock their device as well as erase its contents.

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