ios-activeThe battle between iOS as well as Android continues, as statistics can be interpreted differently, depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on. NetApplications did come up with a particular study, where they realized that iOS users happened to be seven times more active online compared to their Android counterparts. Just how did NetApplications arrive at such a conclusion? Well, the company did conduct checks when it comes to the data on 40,000 websites that it monitors.

This allows them to figure out and compile detailed information on just which platforms’ that users are going online with the most. While Android retains an 85% share of the smartphone market in this matter, in comparison to the 11.9% market share that Apple controls, it seems that iOS users happen to be a whole lot more active when online.

It does make one wonder that with Android having close to a 7 to 1 advantage over iOS in terms of market share, the tables were turned where the online lead is concerned. Perhaps this could be attributed to the high number of entry level Android-powered smartphones that do sell quite a number in emerging markets, where they will then use these handsets just to make and receive calls rather than to take advantage of a data plan. What do you think?

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