ipinIf you are one who has to execute a fair number of presentations each week, then I am quite sure you are well versed with Powerpoint, not to mention having used a variety of projectors in addition to possibly owning a laser pointer of your own. However, if you happen to lack a laser pointer and are in the market for one, perhaps it would do you well to check out the iPin, a portable laser pointer that will plug itself into the headphone jack of your smartphone.


This is an extremely compact laser pointer which will play nice with both the iPhone and Android-powered handsets, where it will be accompanied by a presentation control app to make sure that your presentation will not suffer from any potential hiccups due to hardware.

The iPin can be clipped to your headphone cable whenever you are not using it. As for the amount of juice in which it draws, it will use the same amount as that of a regular pair of headphones without losing any of its effectiveness. In order to work through your presentations, you can use swipe motions to switch slides, or to utilize a remote mouse pointer. The $56 asking price might be a wee bit steep, but at least the iPin is more portable than most laser pointers.

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