youtubeOn YouTube one is able to find all sorts of videos, from the funny, to the serious, and sometimes to the very weird, and it isn’t all the time that they’re safe for kids meaning that it is possible that children could stumble across adult-themed videos every now and then. However could Google be planning to do something about it?

Well according to a recent report from The Information, it seems that Google could be planning on creating a kids-friendly version of YouTube. Basically it functions very much like the current version of YouTube, except that it will only feature videos which have been deemed safe for kids, and could even feature parental controls to let parents know what their kids have been watching.

This is apparently part of Google’s plan to get more children to use its services, like Gmail and YouTube, so by creating a kids-friendly version, parents would be more inclined to let their children use the service knowing that they won’t stumble upon any videos that they shouldn’t have.

Google has yet to officially announce this kids-friendly version of YouTube, so treat it like you would with most rumors and take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Do you think a kids-friendly version of YouTube is a good idea, or do you think Google would be better off installing better filters with the current version of YouTube instead?

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