Social media is a place where people can share all sorts of things, like photos, videos, articles and so on. However more often than not there are photos or articles shared which aren’t exactly kids friendly, which is why a group of Norway-based developers have come up with an app that they are calling Kuddle.

Kuddle is basically a social media app like Instagram, except that it has been designed specifically for children in mind. The idea for it was inspired by the co-founder’s children who both wanted to be on Instagram, but their father felt that they were a bit too young to do so. However with the creation of Kuddle, it will allow children to use an Instagram-like service in a more controlled and protected environment.

In order to sign up, the child needs to use their parent’s email and whenever a photo or friend has been added, parents will be notified via email to ensure that the photos they post and the friends they add are not unsavory characters. Comments will also be disallowed on photos which we guess will prevent trolling and cyberbullying.

Another good aspect of the app is that despite it being based in Norway, the developers have created it to ensure that it is COPPA compliant, meaning that it is in line with US laws regarding gathering information on children below a certain age. It’s definitely an interesting concept and if you’d like to learn more, you can check it out in the video above or head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play for the download.

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