miix3In the world of consumer electronics, it works pretty much the same way as Hollywood – good products tend to have sequels churned out from time to time, and Lenovo takes the same approach as well. As far as the Lenovo Miix range is concerned, we have seen the Lenovo Miix announced in the middle last year, with the Lenovo Miix 2 hitting the U.S. as well as the Old Continent earlier this year. The time is ripe, then, for the Lenovo Miix 3 to make a debut, although such a tablet has yet to see an official announcement made. Still, there is always the unofficial aspect that we can fall back upon.


The alleged Lenovo Miix 3-830 has made an appearance over at the Postel website, which so far has been rather accurate and spot on when it comes to detailing upcoming devices. Postel happens to be the Indonesian equivalent of the FCC, and it also happened to be the very same place where the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro tablet was mentioned not too long ago.

Unfortunately, details concerning the Lenovo Miix 3 remains scarce at the moment, but the name and model number do reveal a possibility of it being an 8” device that runs on a certain version of Windows. Considering how its predecessor was an entry level model, it might be worth a shot thinking that the Miix 3 will see bumped up specifications to make it run decently for the masses.

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